Although we do make minority investments from time to time, our primary focus is on finding business opportunities in unsaturated or underperforming markets and starting or acquiring a business to fill the void. Operational execution, honesty and value creation are our key principles, as regardless of business or economic cycles, these always retain value.

Building and holding businesses long term is another fundamental to our approach, as we have no pre-defined exit mandates. In fact, our general approach when entering a business is to assume we will never sell. This approach, we feel, better aligns us with the stakeholders of the business, market, society and governmental players with whom we deal, and inevitably builds more valuable enterprises, brands and lasting reputations.

Industries in which we operate are technology, healthcare, real estate, hospitality, timber, and agriculture, amongst others. Our active operations touch over a dozen countries in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific.